Manage equipment resources by allocation to projects or employees; maintenance history, scheduling and operation costs; collect historical data to assist in new purchase decisions; electronic documents storage using PDF scanned from orginal documents or digital images and files
Control the flow of approval drawings and samples associated with the construction process. Create submission schedules and track pending, outstanding, resubmittals and reviewed shop drawings. Print Transmittals
Maintain a history of current and previous employees including training and recurring training courses, emergency contacts, employee evaluations, accident and incident history, digital photos and much more..
Track and Print Contract Change Orders; Maintain an electronic record of change orders on multiple projects; Print outstanding or approved change order reports c/w totals; Immediate on-line reference (no sorting through paper work)
Centralize information on upcoming projects, record tender results, track competitors pricing and bid history.
A central source of contact phone numbers with speed dialing TAPI telephone interface to your phone system, instant redial recent call list, aunch contact websites and initiate emails, search for the compnay and see the associated contacts.

~ Stand Alone and Network/Client-Server enabled
~ Free Trial Download

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